Will I Have To Stop Eating Sugar If I Have Prediabetes

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I suppose one of the biggest myths in the world of diabetes is that you can never have sugar again. This is simply not true.

Many diabetes dietitians agree that it is really good to have a small amount of sugar every few days for a couple of reasons.

1. It gives you a psychological advantage to know that you can overcome this thing called diabetes and you feel normal when you can eat a chocolate bar.

2. By "scheduling" a little sugar once or twice a week, you are less likely to fall for sugar cravings.

I am a great advocate for a person with diabetes to eat what they want. BUT, they should also do it in moderation. Do you want a big baked potato with sour cream, cheese, butter, bacon and chives? Eat one, but not every day.

The same goes for sugar. There are many really good goodies that are sugar free out there. The "candy" has come a long way for those of us with diabetes. And those products are good for keeping that sweet tooth satisfied sometimes. I also feel that fruit is an incredible way to eat healthy and satisfy a sweet craving. Watermelon is an incredible sweet fruit that you can consume in abundance and that does not affect your blood sugar level.

But there is something about a 3 Musketeers or a homemade apple pie, right? I know. And so, schedule a "cheating" day. Do not miss your birthday without a piece of birthday cake. You can not visit the county fair and not have a funnel cake. Can you really expect me to go to the family reunion and not have a piece of Aunt Thelma's peanut butter pie?

Eat! Just know how it will affect your blood sugar level and make it a bit easier. Maybe you eat a smaller breakfast without carbohydrates. Do not skip a meal. Maybe one day before and one day after a sugar snack, do a little more exercise or stay away from the large carbohydrates.

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    Will I Have To Stop Eating Sugar If I Have Prediabetes

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