Self Healing Diabetes High Blood Pressure Back Pain w. 10 Day Colonic Cleanse Colon Hydrotherapy

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Here Sal discusses his "Big victories" & # 39; After completing the 3-day cleanse, it finally led him to complete the colon cleansing for 10 days.

Sal was doubtful when receiving a colonic and the actual effects he would have, but by the middle of his 3-day cleansing, he saw great changes and knew that his body wanted more to have the best performance. He has been diabetic for 18 years, in addition to fighting back pain and high blood pressure. Sal saw dramatic improvements in her blood sugar, and finally she was able to control it naturally, as well as greatly diminished pain, blood pressure in the healthy range, weight loss and a sense of clarity in her mental and emotional health that she had not achieved . before in your life! He was even able to shave off the beard he hid for so many years with his new confidence and sense of well-being!

Join Sal on his colon hydrotherapy trip to a new healthier life and emotional balance!

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    Self Healing Diabetes High Blood Pressure Back Pain w. 10 Day Colonic Cleanse Colon Hydrotherapy

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