Scientists Say There's a Cure for Cancer, It's Only a Year Away

Scientists have probably discovered a universal treatment for cancer. And there is even more where that came from! Scientists around the world are thinking a lot about how cancer statistics could improve, and it seems that a biotechnology company has found a possible solution.

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What is MuTaTo 0:50
Why current methods of cancer treatment are dangerous 1:46
What's the trick? 2:26
Use of stem cells to treat type 1 diabetes 3:27
Healing drug abuse by erasing memory 5:06
One more way to treat tumors 6:25
What's wrong with migraines? 7:18
A portable ECG monitor 7:58

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– About 18 million people are diagnosed with cancer each year, and only 5 out of 6 patients survive this condition.
– This new treatment has only been used in preclinical studies. That is, a single study in mice has shown its potential. It was a great success, and all the treated mice showed that the new method worked.
– MuTaTo has only been tested in mice to date. He still has a long way to go before it can really be called a treatment.
– Luckily, Danish scientists are developing a cure for type 1 diabetes. They are using immature cells of the pancreas and transforming them into a type of cell that generates insulin. In this way, diabetic patients will no longer need injections.
– Speaking of needles, there is a more ongoing research project that has equal potential, albeit in a different area.
– Researchers believe that a more advanced technology can "erase" the memories of drug addicts and make them forget their addiction.
– A feat no less remarkable is about to be achieved by researchers at Stanford University. They will explore the possibilities of a particle accelerator to treat tumors.
– Science has also made great progress here! In 2018, Aimovig, a new preventive drug, was approved by the FDA. A single shot of Aimovig can reduce the duration of your migraine in 2 and a half days per month.

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    Scientists Say There's a Cure for Cancer, It's Only a Year Away

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