Reverse T3: Real or Not? What is it?

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Reverse T3 is a hot topic in YT. There are a lot of documents talking about how they use it. They imply, or emphatically declare, that the documents that do not use it are "lagging behind", "they are not maintained". T3 inverse is real. It is a variation of thyroid hormone. And it really is an inactive version of the thyroid hormone. In addition, it also increases during several conditions.
Two of those conditions are often mentioned in Youtube's "new era" documents:
1. Malnutrition, or decrease in caloric intake. In fact, this seems to be a key mechanism to reduce the basal metabolic rate; Y
2. During a significant illness, such as in the hospital illness related to the ICU. The direct T3 may be only slightly depressed, or not at all low. However, Reverse T3 is clearly elevated and the patient is clearly hypothyroid due to his clinical condition or his symptoms.
The inverse T3 also rises in 2 other states: 1. during fetal development (high T3 is destructive of fetal development); and 2. with large hemangiomas – (the enzyme D3 deiodinase is found in high concentrations in the tissue hemangioma.

The following link is a great source for learning the basics and history of Reverse T2, as well as the science of the thyroid.

Does all this mean that the reverse T3 is real and that high values ​​are key to a diagnosis of your fatigue? Not so fast, the theory is good. But these things have been known for years, if not decades. At this point, however, the scientific evidence becomes thinner. The jury is still deliberating on this matter. I have used T3 inverse, especially at the request of patients. But I would not recommend using reverse T3 levels to prescribe medications.
And the lucky part is this: most doctors, no matter how expressive they are about the reverse T3, use it to recommend changes in lifestyle, not medications.

Video credits to Ford Brewer MD MPH YouTube channel

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    Reverse T3: Real or Not? What is it?

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