How YOU can Completely Cure your Diabetes in 19 Days

Cure of diabetes for 19 days:
Your body gets glucose from the food you eat, the liver and muscles also give you glucose. Blood transports glucose to cells throughout the body. Insulin, a chemical hormone, helps the body's cells absorb glucose. Insulin is produced by the beta cells of the pancreas and then released into the bloodstream.

If the body does not produce enough insulin or the insulin does not work the way it should, glucose can not enter the cells of the body. Instead, glucose must remain in the blood causing an increase in the level of glucose in the blood. This high blood glucose level causes pre-diabetes or diabetes.

Prediabetes means that the blood glucose level is higher than the average but not high enough for a diagnosis of diabetes. Having pre-diabetic glucose levels increases the risk of developing type 2 diabetes, as well as heart disease and stroke. However, if you have pre-diabetes, there are many ways to reduce your risk of having type 2 diabetes. Moderate physical activity and a healthy diet accompanied by moderate weight loss can prevent type 2 diabetes and help a person with pre-diabetes. -diabetes to return to normal levels of blood glucose.

The symptoms of diabetes include excessive thirst, frequent urination, extreme hunger, fatigue, weight loss without trying, appearance of sores that heal slowly, dry and itchy skin, loss of sensation or tingling in the feet and blurred vision. However, some people with diabetes do not experience any of these symptoms.

Diabetes can develop at any age. There are three main types of diabetes: type 1, type 2, and gestational diabetes.

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    How YOU can Completely Cure your Diabetes in 19 Days

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