how to control sugar levels in telugu | diabetes control tips in telugu | dr khadervali

Message from Dr. Khader's khadarvali about healthy eating and diet for good health and fitness, and cure of all diseases and live without

How to control sugar levels in Telugu | tips for diabetes control in Telugu | dr khadervali

Dr. Khadar talks full about how to cure cancer blood pressure with diabetes migraine thyroid over weight in Telugu
Dr Khader says that he consumes foods rich in fiber, meaning millet, small millet, which has a lot of rich fiber for good health and controls boold sugar levels and heals diabetics and everyone else, like blood pressure , also cancer, etc., using these foods taking some kashayalu and Some restrictions of the milk food.
Dr. Khadar, sir, says that for all types of diseases, there is no need to take medication for life. Please, take this type of food. Change your eating habits. Stop taking rice, wheat, milk, tea, sugar and take millet of 5 types. Of all kinds of diseases.
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5 types of millets that we need to eat daily by alternative method
1. Millet Foxtail Rice (బియ్యం)
2. Brown millet rice (అండుకొర్ర బియ్యం)
3. Millet Kodo (అరికెలు)
4. Small millet (సామలు)
5. Barnyard millet (ఊదలు)

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    how to control sugar levels in telugu | diabetes control tips in telugu | dr khadervali

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