Glucose Test – Smart Fitness Tips to Manage Diabetes

Diabetes Mellitus – Glucose test – Smart tips to control diabetes

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Stay motivated and control diabetes with these exercise strategies.
Well, then exercise can do wonders to help prevent or control type 2 diabetes, but the real trick is to find an exercise plan that you can maintain. First, concentrate on all the great benefits: regular workouts not only help prevent insulin resistance and reduce blood sugar levels, they can also improve your cholesterol levels, lower blood pressure and even reduce stress. Sold? Try these 6 ways to get around, stay motivated and manage your diabetes better than ever.
Turn exercise into a habit by establishing fitness goals both in the short and long term. Michelle Cleere, PhD, an expert in physical health maintenance, says that short-term goals are the most important because they help build confidence and act as stepping stones to achieve long-term fitness goals while controlling sugar in the body. blood. If you want to lose 20 pounds in 6 months, for example, your short-term goal could be to lose 2 pounds per month along with other measurable goals, such as walking every day and doing strength training with weights twice a week.
One of the best ways to make exercise a part of your diabetes management routine is to schedule it. That's right: make physical activity a top priority, like an important meeting with the boss. (You can even do a double task and ask your boss to walk while you meet). If something always happens, do a good 15-minute routine in the morning, like jumping rope or taking a quick walk around the neighborhood. When you can not do your normal exercise routine, add exercise breaks to your daily schedule.
Friends with exercise benefits can make your routine more fun and help you stay on a regular training schedule. Fitness partners can also benefit from mutual support and friendly competition. Find someone who shares and supports your fitness goals. Your exercise partner can be a spouse, neighbor, co-worker or gym friend. No friend with whom to exercise? Even a virtual exercise partner, for example, a digital trainer, can increase their production by 24%. And do not underestimate the power of social networking sites to recruit distant friends who share your goals or at least offer you support and hold you accountable.
Do mini workouts
The most difficult part of the exercise is often not doing it. He is finding time to do it. If you can not do a 30-minute walk every day, plus 30 minutes a week of strength training, do not worry! Dividing your physical activity into mini 10 minute workouts throughout the day can be a smart strategy to control (or even prevent) type 2 diabetes. Just be sure to do a total of at least 30 minutes of exercise each day. To start, walk where you can and, unless your doctor tells you otherwise, always use the stairs.
Do you know how many steps you walk every day? If not, now is a good time to get a pedometer. It is sure to motivate you to walk more to control your blood sugar level. According to one study, no matter how much you walk now, just using a pedometer is enough to encourage you to add another 2,000 steps per day. That's an extra mile! Try to cover 10,000 steps a day for the greatest benefit. (RealAge co-founder Michael F. Roizen, MD, does not go to bed without recording his 10,000 steps a day).

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    Glucose Test – Smart Fitness Tips to Manage Diabetes

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