Foods not to eat if you are Diabetic Diabetes

Slide 1 – The worst food for diabetics
Slide 2: A healthy diet is your best line of defense to control diabetes. It is crucial to know what foods to eat and what foods to limit to keep blood sugar stable. The Glycemic Index, known as GI for short, is a classification system that assigns foods a number on a scale of 0 to 100 that is based on the amount and speed with which they affect blood sugar levels. Experts recommend a low glycemic index diet for diabetics, which means choosing foods according to the way they affect blood sugar levels. Foods with low GI are slow-digesting and have slower absorption rates and, therefore, have less impact on blood sugar levels compared to foods with high GI that cause spikes in blood sugar and they put an excessive burden on the pancreas to produce insulin to counteract those peaks.
Slide 3 – White starches
Simple carbohydrates, such as white starches, are converted into sugars when digested, are high on the GI scale and, therefore, should be limited. Unlike whole grains, processed grains such as white rice, pancakes, white flour, bread and pasta have a much greater impact on blood sugar levels, in part due to a fiber count much smaller compared to whole grain foods.

Slide 4 – Soda and flavored coffee drinks
Soft drinks and flavored coffee are loaded with sugar and have no nutritional value. Limit your consumption or, better still, replace them with water, selzadores, hot chocolate, coffee or tea with lemon.
Slide 5 – Hamburgers And French Fries
Hamburgers and French fries are high in fat, carbohydrates and sodium. People with diabetes should take into account the intake of fats because they have an increased risk of heart disease. Therefore, it is better to avoid the drive-thru as much as possible.
Slide 6 – Saturated fat
Since diabetics have an increased risk of heart disease, and weight gain exacerbates the condition, foods rich in unhealthy fats should be limited. Change butter and butter for vegetable or olive oil.
Slide 7 – High sugar and canned fruit
The fruit contains natural sugar, and some fruits have more than others. The berries contain the least amount of sugar so you can eat more and satisfy your sweet tooth. The whole fruit is the best; Avoid canned products in heavy syrup, preservatives and juice, as they have much higher sugar concentrations and the juice lacks fiber.
Slide 8 – Sweets
Cakes, cookies, cakes, muffins, cupcakes and other baked goods should be consumed with extreme moderation, as they are made with white flour and refined sugar. An occasional indulgence is fine, but the dessert with each meal will cause blood sugar levels to increase rapidly and will place an undue burden on the pancreas.
Slide 9 – Alcohol
Alcohol can increase the pain associated with diabetic neuropathy. Excessive alcohol, especially sweet mixed drinks can cause spikes in blood sugar. It is best to drink light beer and dry wine in moderation.
Slide 10 – Fried foods
Fried foods have too many starchy carbohydrates in the coating, along with saturated fats and sodium. Anything fried is a bad choice for diabetics.
Slide 11 – Heavy Mexican Food – Burritos, Tacos and Tortilla Chips
A basket of French fries almost doubles the amount of carbohydrates a diabetic should eat at a meal, not including the main course! Mexican food is typically high in fat, salt and carbohydrates.
Slide 12: Healthy diet options ensure that good health and weight loss can reverse type 2 diabetes. Take action today and make better decisions to keep your diabetes under control.

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    Foods not to eat if you are Diabetic Diabetes

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