Flu Bisa Jadi Berbahaya bagi Penderita Diabetes, Begini Penjelasannya

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What is the diabetes?
Diabetes is a condition in which a person's blood sugar levels rise. The high level of sugar in the blood is caused by the inability of insulin to help glucose during the metabolic process. As a result, the sugar that is supposed to be broken down in the body's cells in energy flows freely into the bloodstream.

Diabetes can not be cured. This disease can only be controlled to prevent various complications that may arise. When diabetes is not controlled, blood sugar that is too long to flow in the blood throughout the body will have an adverse effect on the whole body, for example, the appearance of fat blockages in the blood vessels (atherosclerosis) which cause the blood vessels to become rigid.

So, what are the dangers of flu for diabetics?

People with diabetes are generally at higher risk of getting the flu compared to people who do not have diabetes. Diabetics (people with diabetes) who get the flu may have to deal with the difficulty of controlling blood sugar.

The flu is a viral infection that can easily infect anyone. The transmission is usually by air or by contact. The flu itself is made up of several types, but the most common is type A flu. Some symptoms of flu that may not be strange to you are joint pain and pain, hot eyes, fever, cough, pain throat, runny nose, and headaches.

The danger of the flu for diabetics, like other viral infections, can cause high blood sugar levels and increase the risk of serious complications in the short term, such as hypoglycemia. People with diabetes who get the flu and find blood sugar levels above 250 mg / dl should also do a test to determine the amount of ketones in the body. If left unchecked, too much ketone can cause ketoacidosis that leads to coma or even death.

Diabetics generally have a lower immune system compared to healthy people to fight infections. In normal people, the flu can be cured without medication and only depends on the immune system. However, diabetics need additional attention in the treatment of this disease. In fact, you could receive hospital treatment because of the flu.

A guide for people with diabetes when they get the flu.
If you have diabetes, are well controlled or not, and have colds, follow the following guidelines to avoid increasing the dangers of flu for diabetics and avoid complications, namely:

Be sure to keep taking your diabetes medications, including insulin, in addition to your cold medicine. Ask your doctor about how to take better medications, especially if you can not eat because of the flu you have.
Check your blood sugar levels every four hours
Eat fluids (drink a lot) more than usual and try to eat according to the usual portion. If you can not eat, drink fluids that also contain carbohydrates. This is to ensure that you get the necessary calorie intake to prevent the risk of hypoglycaemia
Control your weight. Losing weight without doing anything is a sign of high blood sugar levels
It also checks your body temperature every morning and night. Fever is a sign of an infection that may be more difficult to cure in diabetics

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    Flu Bisa Jadi Berbahaya bagi Penderita Diabetes, Begini Penjelasannya

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