diabetic ulcer Complications of type2 diabetes can kill

Complications of type 2 diabetes.
This video is about the complications of type II diabetes.
According to figures from the World Health Organization (WHO), it is predicted that diabetes is the seventh reason for death in 2030. Currently, diabetes is ranked as the eighth cause of death in the world.
Cardiovascular disease The research of the world health organization also concludes that heart disease is the cause of between 50% and 80% of deaths within the diabetic community. Therefore, according to the 2004 figures of 374 million deaths by the WHO, it is: –
1. There are 187 million deaths due to diabetes according to the 50% mortality rate.
2. 299.2 million deaths from heart disease in the highest percentage of 80%
Stroke can also be referred to as a stroke. It occurs because the blood supply to the brain area is cut off and memory is lost along with the loss of other bodily functions, such as walking and talking. The danger of a stroke for a person with diabetes is 2 or 3 times greater and more likely.
Kidney disease could affect the life of anyone through the ages. The communities most likely to develop kidney diseases were seen as African, American, Hispanic and American. For the most part, there was a high incidence of diabetes and high blood pressure among these groups. But, as diabetes is on the rise throughout the world. The whole world is equally at risk of renal failure / failure. The available figures suggest that 44% of people on dialysis are due to diabetes.
Blindness. Diabetic retinopathy if the veins in the retina are damaged and cause loss of vision or blindness. 40% to 45% of the American diabetic population has some level of retinopathy that requires regular monitoring or treatment, even.
Laser treatment can help repair broken blood vessels in the retina and restore and reverse several of the damage. But laser treatment is very expensive and, therefore, not available to everyone.
On the subject of blindness, people with diabetes are 10 to 20 times more likely to go blind than people without diabetes.
Amputations due to diabetes are the most common. The data for 2010 for the United Kingdom below produce a surprising reading:
1. 100 people 7 days lose a lower extremity, toe or foot.
2. 1 in 20 diabetics develop ulcer in the foot. And, 1 out of 10 ulcers end in amputation.
3. Diabetics are 15 times more likely to have an amputated limb or toe than those without diabetes.
4. 70% mortality within 5 years after the amputation.
Finally, these figures are a snapshot of the true devastation caused by diabetes. What is needed to counteract the attack of this condition and its consequences is more education, more awareness and more care.
What should you do?
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diabetic ulcer

Video credits to David R. Powell YouTube channel

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    diabetic ulcer Complications of type2 diabetes can kill

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