Cure for Neuropathy

Peripheral neuropathy and diabetic nerve pain I tried this and it worked:

I struggled with blood sugar for years before I was diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy. I had pain in the diabetic nerves. Terrible cramps in my hands and feet, sometimes they fell asleep and tingled like pins and needles, painful tingling, not a pleasant tingling! Sometimes I would feel as if my arms and legs had sunk into ice water and burned. It just kept getting worse.

My doctor said that the neuralgia had no cure or treatment for nerve damage and gave me some pain killers as a treatment for neuropathic pain.

The pain became more intense and longer. It cost me to sleep, walk and work. Concentrating on daily tasks such as reading or meeting friends was difficult because all I could think about was nerve pain. It consumed me days and nights, I would have liked to control my diabetes before and it bothered me to have heard about diabetic neuropathy. I would stay awake at night wondering "can neuropathy be cured?"

I felt desperate, alone and scared. I kept thinking that things could not get worse. Then they would get worse.

My rheumatologist said there was nothing else they could do for me. I was taking vitamins, magnesium, analgesics and antidepressants. Even homeopathy! I had a neuropathy support formula made.

The drugs that the doctors gave me had so many side effects. All the drugs that made me feel stupid and fat. It was at a historical low. One night I was looking for home remedies for neuropathy and treatments for nerve damage because I was so desperate. I came across this product that a retired doctor had developed here:

It seemed too good to be true, but you know, desperate measures require risk. This is what has kept me pain-free for almost a year.

I want you to know so you can get relief too. This is the same product that makes me feel very good today, I never thought that home remedies for neuropathy would work with pharmaceutical products. I followed the six easy steps and now I have no pain or unpleasant side effects. I can play tennis again and sleep well. Click here if you want to be free of pain again:

Video credits to Agnes Cijivich YouTube channel

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    Cure for Neuropathy

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