Cure Diabetes Naturally

Learn how to destroy diabetes:

Natural methods of treatment are also known as Naturopathy. It is the healing system in which diseases are cured by natural remedies such as light, water, air, heat, exercise, diet and other physiological measures. According to the father of medicine "Hippocrates" it has been said that "nature cures"; but not doctors. " Naturopathy is known by different names, such as Nature Cure, natural methods, the new science of healing, etc. Healing by natural methods has been seen for many years, approximately for more than two thousand years. Naturopathy makes use of a new lifestyle with corrective habits such as exercise and a good diet. During healing by natural methods, it is considered that the fundamental healing force is nature itself, which is the power of the individual to overcome the disease. Healing by the natural method is mainly without drugs and blood less. Naturopathy helps prevent many common diseases such as diabetes, headache, common cold, hypertension, peptic ulcers and many other diseases associated with aging.

There are several types of natural methods, which are the following: (Normally, the natural method aims to educate people about adopting the type lifestyle that promotes good health).

(1) Treatment based on nutrition and diet: –

The dietitian decides a menu for a healthy diet for diabetic patients.

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(2) hydrotherapy

In this natural method of treating diabetes, water is used. It is one of the oldest therapeutic methods to control physical dysfunctions. The solvent property of water and its ability to absorb and conduct heat shows a beneficial effect on the human body. Studies have shown that regular uses of hydrotherapy provide many benefits for people suffering from diabetes mellitus type 2. It provides better and better sleep, reduces the level of blood sugar in the body and has the moral and well-being of the diabetic patient. It also provides support to people who find exercise difficult. It is a kind of new hope for the millions of people with diabetes. It is also known as "jacuzzi therapy". Therefore, hydrotherapy is carried out in water tanks (jacuzzis) of different sizes and shapes. Generally the limbs are treated in these tanks.

Dr. Philip L. Hooper at McKee Medical Center in Loveland, Colorado, studied a group of patients with type 2 diabetes for three weeks. Patients were asked to immerse themselves in the jacuzzi for thirty minutes a day, six days a week, for the duration of the study. The results were surprising. The average blood sugar levels of the patient were reduced by an average of 13 percent. Even the patient's variable to reduce his daily insulin dose. But keep in mind that whirlpool treatments should be included as regular therapy for patients with diabetes. In addition, diabetic patients should consult with their doctors before the start of the jacuzzi treatment. Therefore, hydrotherapy helps to strictly control the levels of glucose in the blood, which is the only defense against the many problems and side effects of diabetes. During hydrotherapy, energy is transferred to or from the body by convection. The presence of water creates a good means of support for active range of motion exercises.

(3) detoxification

It consists of the use of short periods of diets and supplements fasting or controlled to help the natural process by which the body gets rid of toxic substances.

(4) Methods to control and reduce stress, including exercise, relaxation techniques, diet modification and the use of supplements, especially to support the adrenal gland.

(5) Mud therapy:

In general, the earth provides us with food, our main source of energy. During treatment by natural methods, the person makes full use of the earth element in the form of clay or clay. Even mud baths are used to prevent and treat various diseases, removing poisons from the body, to cool the nervous system and to activate various organs of the body. In diabetes there is alteration of the metabolic process of the whole body. When the digestive system and the endocrine glands do not work completely, the result is the accumulation of impurities and toxemia in the body. Therefore, improving the elimination and elimination of toxins is very important. In such condition the mud bath treatment is used. There are many ways to take mud treatment. The most common way is to use wet clay, instead of ordinary clay. The clay must have a consistency that can be plastered on the body. Sometimes, it should be held in the body by wrapping the loose cloths. The clay, in winter, must be warm enough to provide comfort.

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    Cure Diabetes Naturally

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