सिर्फ 1 बूंद में चर्बी को मक्खन की तरह पिघलाएँ | NO DIET-NO EXERCISE | dr shalini

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100% pure EDIBLE sandalwood oil – 5 gm:
Edible Sandalwood Oil (Lite) – 15 ml: for children (5 years old) and up to the age group of 65 years – FOR WEIGHT LOSS, Inch Loss, Skin Complexion, Pimples, Perfect Skin, Acne, Control Melanin, Herpes, Jaundice, Brain Eye, anxiety and stress

Edible sandalwood oil (MAGIC one drop – 25 ml) with new compositions = FOR WEIGHT LOSS, INCICLOSE, asthma, arthritis, sinusitis, sinusitis, spongilitis, knee pain, any type of bone pain, ligament pain, diabetes, Low blood pressure, Hair loss, Anxiety, Migraine, Brain disease, Panic attacks, Eczema, Psoarisis, Skin allergies and any problem related to sex:

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Edible sandalwood oil (5 g): –

~ – toothpick | टूथपिक – जो बीर्बी पिघलाए मक्ख़न की तरह पिघलाएं और गोरा बनाये | डॉ शालिनी:

~ – Questions and answers about sandalwood oil with Dr. Shalini – Part 1 | Glow of the face | Loss of facial fat with sandalwood oil:

~ – 4-Shade LIGHTER | Questions and answers about sandalwood oil with Dr. Shalini | Glow of the face | Loss of facial fat with sandalwood oil:

र्फ 1 में चर्बी को मक्खन की तरह पिघलाएँ | NO DIET-NO EXERCISE | Dr Shalini: –

Cream night | चुटकी भर Bhasma कर देगा इतना गोरा | Impeccable justice magic | Dr Shalini:

Floating tea | सूजन का इलाज सिर्फ 1 ामग्री से कीजिए | Dr Shalini: –

The magic of the sandalwood oil stick is useful in fatty liver, high BP, very useful and easy if you want to conceive a baby. This sandalwood oil is also the best to cure your hepatitis B problem, sharpens the brain, reduces the problem of insomnia and is very useful to reduce heat. If you have some kind of acid problem that will also be reduced and cured (sorry, Dr. Shalini forgot to mention these problems in the Video).

How to take this (DOSAGE) – Dosage details (Iss Sandalwood Oil with KAB aur KAISE lena hai):
– Twice a day to take me as my other tea (pink tea, yellow tea or orange tea that you all consume).
– Twice a day with 100 ml of water.
– Only the stick size must be followed.

You can easily cure the problems mentioned below with this sandalwood oil (Aap kis-kis bimari mein isko le sakte hain aur apni bimari ko thik kar sakte hain):
b) batteries
c) Thyroid
d) asthma
e) arthritis
f) Allergies
g) Diabetes
h) Any type of stomach problems (especially just one measure of a toothpick)
i) Any type of intestinal acid problem.

Who should avoid taking this sandalwood oil without the advice of a local doctor (sandalwood oil Kise yeh lene se pehle apne doctor se salaah leni chahiye):
a) pregnant women
b) Nursing mother (can take only one toothpick measure under the supervision of the local doctor)
c) Cold and cough (measuring toothpicks once a day)

Ideal duration of treatment for the best result (sandalwood oil Kitne dino tak iss ko lena chahiye): from 3 to 6 months

Note (Khyal rakhe): –
This 5ml is the dose of 3 months. (If you follow the measurement with a toothpick, what is SUPER BEST).


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    सिर्फ 1 बूंद में चर्बी को मक्खन की तरह पिघलाएँ | NO DIET-NO EXERCISE | dr shalini

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